Enjoy the small shooter game I made.  Pls Play in Full Screen for optimal experience


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Blast animation is very good

Yes thanks.. i used some assets available.. so all credit to its creator...

Another cool game from you. The explosions are fantastic, I see I'm not the only one that thinks so.

Thank you for the inspiring words. It was one of my initial games. Thank you for playing

Really good explosion effects! The graphics in general are very nice. The controls were intuitive and I liked being able to play in-browser and in full screen. I got a high score of 150. 

A few minor improvements I would suggest:

- It's not very obvious that your ship can take 3 hits before dying because you can't see the smoke trails of your damaged ship when you're at the bottom of the screen.

- Some of the power-ups didn't seem very useful. I felt that Speed made my ship move too fast and the Triple Laser didn't really help me destroy enemies easier.

- There should be a sound effect for when the player ship is destroyed.

Overall though, this is one of the better "simple" space shooters I've played here on Itch. Good job!


Hi 40wattstudio .. first off all Thanks a lot for playing the game.. I am really glad you liked it... I really appreciate the points you have mentioned... I agree some of the power-ups r less useful.. the triple shot power up was initially 3 lasers firing, one normal & 2 from sides... but somehow they were getting instantiated from a wrong point...so had to settle for a rather not useful longer version of laser... I will incorporate rest of the points u mentioned on 3 hits, & destruction audio... once again thanks a lot...