Tesla on Titan game has made as an entry to New Horizons Jam

Its year 2150, Elon Musk has achieved immortality & instead of Mars, he has chosen Saturn's moon Titan as his next base. In order to test Tesla on its surface, Musk has invited you to participate in the FIRST EVER race organized on Titan.  Drive To Win

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AuthorAbhishek Kulkarni
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Arcade, Atmospheric, Pixel Art, Top-Down, Unity

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Love running the other cars out of control to cause them to wipe out. Had a blast! WELL DONE! Enjoyed this and recommend!

Haha.. thats really a fun way of playing.. I am glad you liked the game .. will build more cars & tracks... Thanks for trying the game.. :)

Fantastic. Love it!

Thanks a lot Crazy Retro for the kind words. I am glad you enjoyed the game. 

Very nice game. challenging to win all 5 laps. drag effect is superb

thank you.. glad you enjoyed the game 

Pretty neat! You could add a Mario Kart abilities like using oil to remove car off the runway or tacs to breaks tires

thank you soon much Miguel .. thanks for the idea.. I will keep adding newer abilities like oil, nitroboost etc and updating the game

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Gameplay is very smooth, I enjoyed!  Drag part is best. 

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Hey thank you soo much ...I am glad you enjoyed the game...tried quite a lot to improve the AI cars